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The word guide, according to its dictionary meaning, is the person who guides the touristic and historical places and conveys information during the trip, as a “guide”. It can also be shown as a synonym for the word guide. The word guide is a word of Persian origin and is borrowed from the word “rahbar”, meaning guide.

Used since the 11th century, this word means one who guides, guides, and pioneers. In the Ottoman period, women who mediated in marriage were called guides, not matchmakers.

What Does the Guide Mean?

  1. A person who guides, conveys information while visiting historical and touristic places, a guide.
  2. A book that provides information in any field and subject, showing the way and method, etc.
  3. A person who finds a wife for a man or woman who is going to marry.
  4. A person who guides spiritually and mentally and sheds light.
  5. Guide ship.
  6. Guide captain.
  7. At the beginning and end of the films on the reel, the film’s receiver, washing vehicle, printing vehicle, displayer, etc. A piece of film in various colors that makes it easy to attach and remove from vehicles and leaves a margin for the original film.
  8. A tool for threading a nut or pipe.
  9. A hard object to which a bendable thing such as a wire or cable is passed through a narrow and long place, to which they are attached.

The guide is in Turkish as a person who helps someone find the truth. It is used in the same way in the TDK dictionary. Who Is the Guide Called? It is one of the words known as the person who guides people and the person who guides them to the right way.

What is the source book called?

Books that have been identified and written by the author at first hand are called reference books. We need source books to investigate the accuracy of an information and to cite the source because we refer to the book we are quoting.

E-resource is the one-to-one version of the printed resource transferred to the Internet. E-resources work as long as you are connected to the Internet (online). As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can read your book or magazine and access the multimedia content of the said book or magazine. PDFs are not provided in e-resources.