Expert C.Halil Özdemir
Expert C.Halil Özdemir

Promoting and Sponsorship

Reasonable and quality as a site where shares special articles. We are at your disposal with “Promoting and Sponsorship“.

For our business visits and sharing services, please contact us +90-535-498 9093.

The site sharing the show should be secure and easy to get to.

Promoting Article Sharing Service

At first, Promoting Article Sharing Service, known as the Promotional Article Broadcast, is our advertising work written by you, suitable for our site content.

  • An Introduction Article should consist of a minimum of 400 – a maximum of 20,000 words. (4.000 words or more will be circulated vastly, for your information)
  • You can type the description meta tag tag up to 140 characters.
  • You can type the title meta tag of the page up to 50 characters.
  • If you have a Youtube video, we can publish it.
  • Maximum 3 link outputs

Promoting Link

One Promoting Link is a direct link to your site designated by you.

* Links from our site to other sites and 3rd party resources are only for your information. We do not have control over the resources of other sites and third parties mentioned in the subject and we do not accept any liability for your loss or damage resulting from your use of them.

What is Digital Marketing?

In case web objections don’t have monetary designs for broadcast expenses, the best sorts of income are for certain modernized publicizing. There is a lot of differentiation between old advancements and new ads. So much that today, since computers are sagacious like mobile phones, advancing has superseded progressed publicizing office.

There are numerous objections that shares exceptional articles, but they are not exactly equivalent to each other. It is similarly easy to be a site that offers restricted time articles, yet difficult to stay aware of. To continue, the site ought to be constantly revived and used really. Getting promotions for the site that offers restricted time articles is troublesome.

So it isn’t exactly so particularly normal as creating a unique article. If the site isn’t dispersing on a specific subject, it is futile to share an exceptional circulation in regards to the matter that it has not disseminated. Along these lines, the site that shares a unique article should be preferred.

Expert C.Halil Özdemir furthermore shares unique articles on this web site. Regardless, this site doesn’t convey a subject or heedlessly like various objections. Rather, he shares with respect to each matter. Accordingly, he shares in regards to each matter that is disallowed and not +18.


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