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The World's Largest Power Plant

The Future of Energy Production » The World's Largest Power Plant

TT:The World's Largest Power Plant

The best of the category of the world's largest power plants;

Three Gorges Hydropower Plant (22,500 MWh), Ivanpah Solar Power Plant (392 MW), Gansu Wind Power Plant (5,000 MW), in the the sea the Walney Wind Farm (367 MW) and the Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant (8,212 MW).

Study for this type of power plant they need resources such as water, wind, chemical elements, liquid and solid fuels.

Now, our project is no need for us to these resources. It is completely a whole system on itself worked.

So it is very expensive to produce for you and you don't need to so much space (per Wh 0.2 sqm and cost € 1.35 Euro).

And at last you have the chance to produce unlimited electricity.