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The Future of Energy Production

TT: The Future of Energy Production

According to my research;

  • For wind turbines you need wind and have place problems.
  • For gas turbines you need gas and if you are getting it from the outside is very expensive.
  • For solar power plants you need sun and have place problems.
  • For hydroelectric power plants turbines you need water and need wide-area for the dam.

Now, I have got an idea about the future of energy production (New Power Plant Project).

Think about it, the system works by itself and cost free, because it doesn't need solid fuel, fossil fuel, wind, water, etc.

You can be mounted on a vehicle which is movable and production at least 250 households to feed is minimal.

Do you want to take care of this project? This project is a candidate to be a future project.

All by sides, how much investment you do is paying off itself in first year.


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