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New Power Plant Project

This project provides space-saving and environmentally friendly. Also it was thinking the future of structured. It is a set of containing the structur of the future of technology in a whole system (The Cheapest Electricity of the World).

Inspired by our spaceship project and containing the common features of the system to created a model.

Very recently, we think that these new plants will places the dam plants.


The Atatürk Dam :

Source : Water

Area : 817 km2

Produce : 8900 GWh (Annual)

Cost : 4 Billion US$ (Including Ş.Urfa Tunnel)


Bursa Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant :

Source : Naturel Gas (Annual 1,5 Milyon m3

Area : -

Produce : 13140 GWh (Annual)

Cost : 0,3 Billon US$ (Naturel Gas costs aren't in)

Source Cost : 7 Billion US$ (Annual)


Our Project :

Source : Nothing

Area : 35.000 m2 (0,035 km2)

Produce : 9500 GWh (Annual)

Cost : 2 Billion US$ (All is in)


For the smallest model is the required space of min.30 m2 and provides an annual production of about 7 GWh of electricity.

Accordingly you can build the Power Plant in different sizes in different regions. By mounting on to a wheeled vehicle, you can take it where you want.

The biggest advantage of it is to eliminates the inter-city high-voltage lines.

For more information about the subject please contact us.


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